translated from Spanish: Ramón Sosamontes, collaborator of Robles, seeks amparo

Ramón Sosamontes Herreramoro, one of Rosario Robles’ former close collaborators filed an application for protection to hear about possible apprehension orders against him.
The lawsuit, which was filed with the Tenth District Court of Amparo Penal, was lowered file number 621/2019, according to the list of agreements published on Thursday.
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Sosamontes Herreramoro was head of the office of the Secretariat for Social Development between December 2012 and August 2015; he then held the same position in the Secretariat of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development while at the helm of both units was Rosario Robles.
On Tuesday, August 13, a judge issued pre-trial detention to the former Secretary of State while investigations are carried out for the crime of improper exercise of the public service of which is accused by the Attorney General’s Office, for the alleged diversion of more than 5 thousand millions of pesos.
The exenomia was transferred to the female inmate in Mexico City.
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