translated from Spanish: The 4T: works under a comprehensive scheme from the Federal Legislature

He writes: Javier Lozano.
It is clear that the heritage that was inherited by the previous state and federal administrations, has left out a better development, not only social, but infrastructure to one of the territories that needs an innovative impulse, since its wealth cultural, stands out for its different elements that make Michoacán unique, as one of the states that possess a natural geographical beauty. Unfortunately, political junctures have sbiased the progress our state requires; exponential bureaucracy, and neglect of our terrestrial communication routes, have had countless inconsistencies that are wrecked in a deep vacuum because of the inoperatory of some public servants who have postponed access and to the bridges and roads that communicate to the different municipalities.
Therefore, we consider it important to examine the role of some legislators of the Federal Congress, which through the management that embraces their commission, promote regional development through the generation of links with institutions government; this implementation of actions require the unrestricted capacity to generate ties that impact the public policies of Michoacán. It must be borne in mind, that our State, is one of the main tourist epicenters of the country, therefore, the relevance of building mechanisms and resources that enhance this area.
The Federal Deputy of Morena for the district of Uruapan Ignacio Campos Equihua, who is also the secretary of the Committee on Budget and Public Account, has highlighted the fundamental need to design a scheme that guarantees support for the exercise of this year’s resource for the recovery, conservation and reconstruction of bridges and roads in our State, which for this year amounts to more than 798 million pesos; in the face of this situation, it emerges to address the problems from a more responsible approach; therefore, the Public Finance Workshop is being carried out, where the challenges, proposals and solutions in this area are analyzed, to further strengthen the activities, because this is required by the exponential precision of the topic.
This series of actions, in addition, have had a liaison and interlocution with the Director General of Road Conservation of the Undersecretariat of Infrastructure: Salvador Fernández Ayala, to review the exercise of the resource allocated this year for the recovery and reconstruction of bridges and roads of our state.
It is clear that the direction set by the president in the 4T outline opens up the range of opportunities that fundamentally require our territory for continuous improvement; this approach is also one of the commitments made by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, when he took a tour of the municipalities of Chinicuila, Coalcomán, Aquila and some communities that need in a very particular way, the injection of resources to improve communication pathways; it is an undeniable fact that the ways, require all this intervention that legislative figures can contribute, and even more so, when essentially the momentum and the will that the president has acquired with our State of Michoacán, has been translated into the component of the fourth transformation.
Anything that benefits Michoacán, must particularly express the jubilation of the population, which sometimes unreasoned, is marginalized by those outdated policies that had a merely voter inclination in times past; it is logical that this is not the case, the will expressed by these figures, responds to those needs and shortcomings that we have pointed out for years. The functions that are brought together through liaison with government institutions to promote management should carry the main idea of improving all environments and contexts through the cooperative work of all governing bodies.
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