translated from Spanish: Bolsonaro and Twitter: Brazilian President got back into elections

After raising last Monday that the south of Brazil would become the area of exile of the Argentines post-election victory of the front of De Todos, in the last hours Jair Bolsonaro, Twitter through, again burned the flags of diplomacy and interfered in the politics national policy. «Fernández-Kirchner won 47% of the vote in the progress of the Argentine elections on Sunday. As a result, the peso depreciated from 45 to 59, a loss of 30%; The country risk increased from 860 to 1800 points and the shares lost 50% of their value,» he said. Tweet below, noted that «prices begin to approach the values of a country increasingly similar to Venezuela». 

«Rio Grande do Sul is at risk, from the left turn in Argentina, to experience the same suffering that Roraima in relation to Venezuela,» he said. This message decisively does not contribute to the possible link that the Brazilian representative must have with Alberto Fernández, who last Monday spoke about Bolsonaro. «With Brazil we are going to take splendid, Bolsonaro is a juncture. I will respect the Brazilian institutionality but I have nothing to do with it. I’m a dify of me that a racist, a misogynist, a violent guy, a guy who celebrates torture over Dilma Rousseff,» argued the candidate for President.

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