translated from Spanish: Hernán Caputto: «It’s a dream to lead the ‘U’ and I feel able to be here»

The coach of Universidad de Chile, Hernán Caputto, said on Wednesday to be able to follow the lead of the first blue team, even more so after the successful 1-0 triumph over Sports Antofagasta for the National Championship. Caputto’s predecessor, Alfredo Arias, had only achieved one victory in five months for the tournament, while the former U17 national coach debuted and immediately secured a win for the contest leading Universidad Católica. Regarding his sensations after living the first official match as a technician of the ‘U’, the once archer stated in dialogue with Fox Sports Chile that «it is a dream, it is a great possibility and so I am living it. I feel able to be here, and I think time has given me the temperance to handle it. I support the players to get the most out of them.» «I told them mainly to be calm, to play, to show their ability. I’ve always thought about it: here the most important thing is the players, and they demonstrated it with Antofagasta, where they tried their best,» he added. In addition, the Chilean nationalized Argentine had positive concepts for the ‘U’ fans and stated that he will always be available to help the collegiate cast. «The ‘U’ fan has always been the same. It becomes number 12 and when it’s needed, it appears,» he said in relation to the blue hobby. As for his feelings for the club, the buenos airer indicated that «if the ‘U’ needs me, I will be, because I have an immense affection for him. I’ve been a player for four years and I was a champion.» Finally, Caputto indicated that Arturo Salah and Hugo Tocalli were the technicians who trained him. «They’re the two coaches who marked me in my career and gave me tools for both young and professional football,» he said.

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