translated from Spanish: Meat could suffer tax hikes due to its damaging role in the face of climate change

As reported by the Emol, a report by Fitch Solutions Macro Research, found that meat could be affected by various tax increases, in order to try to reduce its consumption through rising prices, everything in the context of climate change. The meat industry is not only pointed at by the finger for its highly polluting condition in terms of CO2 emissions, but other associated factors come into play, such as the high water consumption it requires, at a time when large droughts affect the planet, including our country. Other edges are also added, such as deforestation – particularly that of the Amazon in Brazil – and animal cruelty. This prouptises is taking hold particularly in Western Europe, according to the research group, and it is hoped that if the tax burden is applied this will prompt more people to prefer other products, such as poultry or even proteins of origin vegetable s and other substitutes. In this sense, from Fitch Solutions, they noted that «the overall increase in sugar taxes makes it easy to imagine a similar wave of regulatory measures targeting the meat industry,» although they also noted that «it is highly unlikely that implement a tax soon in the United States or Brazil,» producing countries where the industry has a lot of weight. Specifically in Germany and some political sectors have proposed increasing the sales tax on meat products to finance better living conditions for livestock, which is backed by 56.4% of Germans according to a survey conducted by the Funke media group. Similar proposals have also been submitted in other countries, such as Denmark and Sweden.

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