translated from Spanish: SEP will distribute moral it in textbook packages

The moral card will be distributed in the free textbook packages for the next school year, said Esteban Moctezuma, Secretary of Public Education.
Although the official clarified that the text is only for teachers and not for students.
Moctezuma indicated that the moral card is being sent to all teachers in Mexico so that they can have it as support material for the ethics and civics classes.
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«We seek to generate different generations of incorruptible Mexicans in schools, that we have students, students who hold high the values of honesty and who live their lives on all terrain with that criterion,» he said.
The PMI holder emphasized that the text is part of the «effort to regenerate in Mexico all ethics and morals».
The moral card was written by Alfonso Reyes in 1944.
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«They will be delivered on time»
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Secretary of Public Education on Thursday ensured that textbooks will be delivered on time in all schools in the country.
He admitted that «there were at first some mismatches because the delivery was being done in a way; there were adjustments to save but it is being met so that the books are on time.»
Esteban Moctezuma argued that an average of 2 million books are handed out daily, so distribution target will be achieved for the next school year beginning on August 26.
«The distribution advance today is 80 and 87%, and by the end of August it will be 100% to be covered in the states of the country,» Moctezuma said at a press conference.
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The total cost of the books was 3.5 billion pesos and savings of 466 million were achieved, according to data from the Ministry of Finance.
Esteban Moctezuma reported that some of the copies were modified in content, such as civics and history.
Geography was designed with applications and hard paste to extend its durability, which is expected to be three years, as it will go from student to student when they advance from grade.
The books are made of 4% recycled paper, including ballots.
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