translated from Spanish: The Light of the World brings together 600,000 people, despite accusations

The Church of the Light of the World claimed to have gathered 600,000 people to its «Holy Convocation», its greatest celebration, despite the accusations against its leader, Naasón Joaquín García, who is imprisoned in the United States for his alleged participation in the child rape, aggravated sexual assault rape, sexual abuse, human trafficking, sexual pornography and extortion.
The event was held from August 7th in three locations in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where the international headquarters of this church is located. 
According to the same congregation, 340 thousand people arrived in the suburb of Hermosa Provincia; in Bethel, another 235 thousand, while at the headquarters called «Master Aaron Joaquin» 35 thousand more attended. 
In a statement, the church also reported that members from 58 countries attended, as well as followers from the country’s 32 states. 
He even claimed that the event left an «economic spill for Jalisco of $300 million.» 
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Since the arrest of Naasón Joaquín García, the church has defended its leader and rejected allegations of sexual violence about him. In fact, this August 15th, the church’s official news agency published that their «apostle» has them in «perfect unity.» 
The congregation even said that in three days it performed 6,200 baptisms during its celebration. 

For the so-called «Santa Cena», the Government of Jalisco confirmed that, as for 30 years, it provided 62 public schools in Guadalajara in exchange for the feligrses «to give them maintenance». 
They also claimed to have used 55,000 concurrent connections on the internet, as well as 7 tons of flour and 2,150 liters of olive oil for the creation of 700 thousand pieces of sourdough bread. 
For the wine, they said they used 40 tons of balloon grapes with which they produced 24 thousand liters of unfermented wine. 
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