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The Marginal has become such a predictable series that we are seriously considering starting to analyze the episodes the next morning. At this point the story has lost focus and the main conflict (The survival of Cristian within the penalty) has been replaced by a series of parallel story arcs with small conflicts that arise and are resolved in a matter of scenes. The sixth episode hid Pantera to focus on the conflict between the Borges brothers, which resulted in Ginna’s tragic (but expected) death. The drug trade business must continue, so the script surprised us with James’s knowledge of chemistry, which felt as forced as Bruni’s sudden plan or hiding Peter inside a coffin to listen to Mario and Antín.As every week , we leave them with some observations from this week’s episode. EMMAS AND RETURN

Emma gets rid of the drug Picture: Public TV

Emma’s addiction as her way of dealing with the aftermath of pigeon mutiny events profiled as one of the most interesting subplots of this season, but unfortunately her experience was dealt with with the subtlety of a kick in the teeth. After opening her eyes to her own problem during last week’s episode the doctor got rid of all the drugs, but an encounter with Pantera forced her to fight the temptation fed by pills offered to tubito to overcome her brand new abstinence (let’s not ask where he got them from while he was worrying about not dying in the infirmary). The episode also marked the magical appearance of Gaston (Adrián Navarro), the married man with which Emma has a toxic relationship whose outcome we saw in the first season. TUMBERO MUCUS

Cristian is already one more within the penalty Picture: Public TV

The boy well had to adapt quickly to the customs of the criminal and moves as one more of the inmates, even under the protection of the Borges. The kid already has more rackets than Guillermo Vilas and left his victim place to plant anyone, even his father, the intimidating and powerful Eduardo Pardo. Courage and defiant attitude can be his undoing, because even if he asks his parent to stop paying for his safety (knowing he won’t), he is not aware of a yard plan to leave him at the mercy of the rest of the inmates. Although it is the great addition this season, Cristian continues to confirm his status as a pawn in a much larger conflict. As we imagined his relationship with Luna he did not persede in the main plot but to give him an excuse to have his first sexual experience in a «scene play». Notice that if we fall into the stereotype of the inst who plays the harmonica I long everything. A BROWN PLAN

Bruni with an Acme-branded plan Picture: Public TV

Thanks to a ridiculous sequence, the possible release of the Borges comes to Bruni’s ears, who refuse to accept that the brothers leave St. Onofre before paying for Mark’s death. Luckily for Mario and Diosito the ex-boxer has airs of Bond villain and instead of planning an attack inside the penal – and exacting revenge immediately – he decides to assassinate Eduardo Pardo to cut off funding and for Cristian to become a source of conflict between The brothers. For what? To be devoured by outsiders, I imagine. The objective of this plan that was less thoughtful than that of Francisco De Narváez, which LOOKED LIKE AN ACCIDENT, was not very clear.

Ginna’s Farewell Picture: Public TV

Ginna did not die at the hands of Pantera or Bruni as he had anticipated, but his fate was marked from the moment he became a disposable character of interest to Mario. At least his (albeit violent) death was filmed with an almost unprecedented elegance in the series and the funeral in the courtyard was genuinely emotional. It will be a matter of seeing whether the latent homophobia in the Borg circle affects Mario’s image and leadership in the short term — although we don’t care about his Godly relationship because the script is likely to force him to choose between his brother and Cristian and recompose the link sacrificing the kid.

Schiavi also had his cameo Picture: Public TV

The gallery of occasional characters continues to add names. This week it was the turn of former Boca player Rolando «El Flaco» Schiavi, to become the protagonist of the headlines for his cameo appearance. Schiavi participated in a dive in the courtyard that served as a framework for a talk between Ortiz and Morcilla in which Borges’ subject began tempting him with drugs and will probably be the first step on the road to an overdose within the prison that affects Emma and the business of Borges. Will Schiavi disappear as Dtoke or will he continue to act badly like Rodrigo Mora for the next few episodes? PANTERA WITHOUT HANDLE

Panther in Wild Animal Mode Picture: Public TV

Last week’s episode had Pantera as the main protagonist. The muscular threatened Mario, attacked Diosito and destroyed the lab after sending Tubito to the infirmary — forcing James to become the Jesse Pinkman of his Walter White and take over the operation. However last night Pantera had a short and inconsequential appearance that stood out for making it clear that the guy not only lost any traits of humanity during his captivity, but also forgot how to walk upright and use his hands with some skill. I guess everyone handles things the way they can. SUNDAY OF BOUQUET

Ramos has seen better days Picture: Public TV

Almost, The Marginal. You almost completed an entire episode without an explicit and gratuitous scene of violence. And look, you came from impaleing a character and standing out. But Ramos, perhaps the least fearless informant in history, had to pay for the slackness of a short-shot of ideas; that’s why when he reported director Morales of Ginna’s suspicious death, the immediate reaction of Ana’s character Maria Picchio gave him away and made him end up in a corner of the old jail with a skull made of a sandbag. You could see more than the dollar shot. In this note:

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