translated from Spanish: UDI also messes up the government: MPs reject 41-hour draft and directive calls for meeting with Piñera

The UDI is also messing with The Coin. A sign of this is the call of the members of the trade union party Issa Kort and Jorge Alessandri to the bank of the collective to reject the reduction of the working day proposed by both the initiative of the Government and that of its communist par , both projects faced in Congress.
Through a letter, the trade unionists valued the idea of the Executive’s reduction, but pointed out that this is not the time to reduce it to either 40 hours – as Vallejo says – or 41 – as the Government proposes.
Rejection of the job reduction proposal was the subject on Tuesday night, when Deputies and Senators from The Senate at a dinner party on the 15th floor of the Senate. But this position of mPs is a sign of a more global unrest that crosses the UDI and translates into union claims for «lack of coordination and dialogue» with some ministers.
In fact, several parliamentarians conveyed at the dinner, as present, that «excessive action on the basis of the polls» would be acted on, rather than «by convictions.» That is why the directive will call for a face-to-face meeting with President Sebastián Piñera.
«There are some ministers with whom the relationship is easier, more fluid, and with others it is more complex, but they are ministers of the government of President Piñera, therefore, rather than talking to ministers, we prefer to talk to the President (…) the idea is to invite him, not for him to invite us to Cerro Castillo or a more formal atmosphere,» UDI President Jacqueline van Rysselberghe confirmed to La Tercera.
For the head of udade, Javier Macaya «starts a stage of the UDI, to put on the agenda topics that serve the success of the government, and even contain others. This match is characterized by defending principles that, although they seem unpopular in the polls, may be good for Chile.»
The UDI annoyance adds to the gestures of disaffection that the other partide of the official isalist coalition, National Renewal, during the current Piñera administration. The President’s party has repeatedly represented its criticism of the treatment received from the Executive and expressed its differences with the draft government. As a button shows: the recent revolt of several Members from their ranks who openly expressed their sympathy for the 40-hour project of the communist MEP Camila Vallejo.
A «politically incorrect» stance
It is in this scenario that Issa Kort and Jorge Alessandri took the flag to oppose any reduction in working hours. «It should include, within the choices that we legislators have, to reject both guarismos,» they note in a missive recorded in El Mercurio, in which they also ask UDI itself to «reflect» on the effects of reducing working hours in the midst of a «A» weak economic scenario.»
«The debate must be opened responsibly to the real impact that progress of any of the initiatives in job creation can have,» they said.
Parliamentarians admitted that their stance of refusing to reduce working hours is likely to be «politically incorrect» or contrary to what polls say. «But we are convinced that, at the present economic moment, with a major slowdown, this is not the time for a rebate,» they said.
«We are lowering the hours, before working on productivity,» Alessandri said, according to the morning, stating that «we will ask for a separate vote (from that indication), and when the economy is strong again, we will evaluate a gradual and gradual reduction. If we don’t do it like this, we’ll only be able to kill the SMEs.»
«The rebate must come at a time when the economy is solid, not amid global uncertainties,» Kort added.

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