translated from Spanish: 40-Hour Nightmare: Undersecretary of Labour makes a blame for government communication management

The battle for workday reforms continues. The Government does and declares everything to achieve adherence to its work flexibility project, while the initiative of Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola, which seeks to reduce the working day from 45 to 40 hours, is gaining more and more supporters.
There are even some members of Chile Vamos who have already shown their support for the project of the Communist Party parliamentarians. But, according to the Undersecretary of Labour, Fernando Arab, the situation is not like this, but everyone «is 100% aligned».
In an interview with Emol TV, Arab stressed that «in fact Members who a few days ago raised qualms about the government’s proposal have publicly come out to support the initiative.»
However, it still makes a mea fault of the communication management of the government project. «You can always do the best and obviously we could have done the best.»
«Perhaps we needed to better communicate some of the project points and it might be lacking for parliamentarians in our sector to know our studies more deeply,» he added.
According to Arab, this would have served them, for example, to highlight the differences between the two projects «completely different» and that «they are not even comparable».
«The Vallejo project changes an algorithm from 45 to 40, maintains the same rigidities of the current labor market, does not allow workers to distribute their day, does not allow overtime for holidays to be compensated, only the day goes down,» he added.
In the meantime, «the Government’s project envisages a productivity report clearly detailing the possible creation of jobs. It will generate around 340,000 jobs because the day is reduced, but with flexibility and that results in an increase in productivity.»
Arab ruled in questioning that «some will wonder why the government project creates jobs and that of the PC destroys, because here the key elements are two: flexibility and graduality».

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