translated from Spanish: Diana Bolocco revealed what the TV kiss of Christian Sanchez is that he still does not forget

Mega’s morning cheerleader, Diana Bolocco, revealed the annoyance she felt for a television kiss between her husband, Cristián Sánchez and model Kika Silva.
The event occurred on the SQP program more than four years ago and Bolocco remembered it from a question that emerged in the morning, about whether she was angry when her husband kissed other women on TV.
«I must admit that there are kisses that I don’t care about and others that…» said Bolocco, who added that Sanchez later knows what kisses do matter to him. He’s known later, that’s for sure. Because you recognize and know when it’s a friendly, playful, funny kiss, and when there’s something else, when there’s sexual tension,» he said.
That’s when he remembered Kika Silva’s. «There is a kiss that you can look for, which more than kiss is a tongue with the Kika Silva. A great woman, 20 years younger than me, all in her place. Turdism. My husband’s tongue. I’d tell you that more than bothering me, it’s unhygienic.»
«The good thing is that I, with the wisdom i am at 42, know how to use this to my advantage. Then I charge it dearly. I’m not talking about material things. I charge them in a different sense. I know how to use that moment when it suits me best,» he said.

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