translated from Spanish: Fishermen manifest themselves outside Sader’s offices

Sinaloa.- Even the rain stopped fishermen from different parts of the state to demonstrate outside the Sader before Sagarpa. This as part of the movement in Mexico City by fishing producers in demand of support for the sector in the area of inspection, surveillance and resources, the demonstration is held peacefully.
The fishermen’s claim is the reduction of budget by the Federal Government because if they previously received 500 engines to deliver them to the fishing cooperatives they currently receive 70.  «We want there to be enough budget for marine engines for 500 fishermen and so many who were giving in Sinaloa now want 70, 80 engines, The Good Fishing we under 15 percent, we had coverage of more than 45 percent,» said the president said Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives of the Central Zone in Sinaloa, Cuauhtémoc Castro Real.

Fishermen outside the premises. Photo: Marco Ruiz / El Debate

The protesters commented that the demonstration is to look for a bigger budget, as they currently feel in oblivion.

Sinaloan fishermen joined the national protest. Photo: Marco Ruiz / El Debate

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