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According to O.M.S. data, at least 2 billion people are starving constantly or underfed, about 30% of the world’s population does not eat food on a regular basis. What if all those people decided to emigrate? We will stop them with laws, with walls, barbed wires; We’ll lock them up in concentration camps, throw them into the sea… ??
Accusing migrants of all our real or imagined problems is dangerous, even criminal. Let us remember that Hitler blamed the Jews, Stalin on the Burgundies and counter-revolutionarys, the Hutu government of Rwanda on the Tutsi, Pinochet and their henchmen on the “conspiracy” of international Marxism”; we all know (or should know) what these speeches, diatribes, and talks ended.
Beyond the essential taking of a party in defense of human rights, the duty of every person, is a subject that deserves to be studied and addressed without hysteria or populism. Figures often hide flesh-and-blood people, speeches on both sides hide daily reality, fears, anxieties and sorrows not only of the new inhabitants of “asylum against oppression”, but from the Chilean reported by facebook, who looks at the as revealed truth and that does not receive the benefits of an alien and distant system and development.
Mass migrationprovides cheap labor, a “reserve industrial army,” where employers large and small are the main beneficiaries. The same people who can count a workforce willing to everything for a job, without having deserved a burden in forming them, thanks to discriminatory and racist laws and practices that hit migrant workers.
This apparent “unfair competition,” amplified by hate speeches, ancestral fears, ignorance and manipulation, shape a perfect mix for xenophobia. Hostility that comes not from the most favored classes (or not exclusively), but from popular sectors, workers, unemployed, homeowners, common and ordinary, to which we listen in micros, meters and fairs timidly with anti-immigrant speeches, as if they were the cause of their misfortunes.
There is an organized civil society role, supported by the media, which must be mobilized to encourage the encounter of cultures. Spaces of exchange, of mutual knowledge, of respect, are lacking in order to achieve assimilation while respecting the difference. If economic conditions, climate change, structural inequality continue as they do today, it is quite possible that the hungry masses (the 2 billion) will increase and decide to emigrate. Will we meet among the future migrants?

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