translated from Spanish: Nacha Guevara slammed the door in a chronicler’s face

There was a great controversy in the world of panelists after Nacha Guevara stated in radio statements: “I don’t know how to do anything, I’m going to become a panelist.” From “Los Angeles of the Morning” (LAM), a program that angels Angel de Brito and has several panelists, they replied. Yanina Latorre reworked: “She called to ask Angel (of Brito) for laburo, so I’m surprised at what she said. What’s more, he asked too much (camera, lights, this, the other) and didn’t come to an agreement. To be a jury of the ‘Dancing’ is also to be a panelist, it is an undercover panelism. So I don’t understand your criticism.”

Graciela Alfano, who is also part of the show, said: “Detractors say she doesn’t sing like Valeria Lynch, she doesn’t dance like Mora Godoy. She’s a good imitator of Eva Perón and nothing else. Let him be angry a hundred times if he wants to. When one person says that others know nothing to do, it is pride. ‘You say you’re meditating; a meditating person doesn’t say what he says with that pride.'” And of course, they went looking for Nacha’s word. Maite Peñoñori, laM’s chronicler, was in charge of making Flor Peña’s replacement show Match as a jury of her testimony.” I’m not giving notes, dear. I have to go eat,” she clarified. “Are you angry about what Graciela said? Do you want to clarify if at the time you made her come off the jury?” investigated Maite. In the face of this, Nacha did nothing but say, “That’s it. Goodbye, ” and close the car door in his face.

Original source in Spanish

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