translated from Spanish: Senator Huenchumilla condemns violence against Mapuche hortaliceras in Temuco: «I find it unacceptable»

A few months ago, the Temuco authorities decided to eradicate street vendors from the city centre. The situation, however, has not been calm, as there have been incidents between the auditers, Carabineros staff and the traditional Mapuche hortaliceras, who sell their products in the capital of La Araucanía.
As a result of this situation, Senator Francisco Huenchumilla condened the violence against the hortaliceras: «I find the conduct of the Municipality of Temuco unacceptable with the people, especially the ladies, who sell vegetables on the street.»
«The path in politics must always be dialogue. Why do you get to violence, why are people persecuted? People are there making a living. Life is very difficult. And they make a living that way, incentivized by Indap, by the Municipality itself, for people to plant their things. But somewhere they have to sell,» he added.
For the parliamentarian, the solution is for the Municipality to talk to the people, with the organizations and look for a solution: «What must be said is that the exit can never be the
violence, public force. So I call on the authorities to seek a path of understanding and resolve the issue.»
Finally, he urged the Regional Government to also get involved: «We hope that the intendant can put on sanity and not see a spectacle on the streets of persecution for the more modest people, who are earning our daily bread.»

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