translated from Spanish: Two students of the National Institute were arrested after unrest

Commander Marcelo Medel, head of Carabineros Central Prefecture, reported that two students of the National Institute were arrested, following the incidents in the establishment this morning, on the day of the debut of the request to identify students in the precinct.
Medel said the two students were arrested outside the school, in Alameda with Arturo Prat, for throwing blunt objects and tax damage.
The commander also detailed that the disorders began around 07.45 and sharpened at 09 hours, when the suspension of classes was decided and the students were allowed to retreat to their homes.
On the hooded ones held on the roofs of the compound, Medel said that Carabineros did not act, because there was no violence of previous days and that, there is a containment team destined for the enclosure.
The rest of the police forces, Medel explained, chose to guard the Alameda area.
With regard to the proxys who were assaulted in the day, after facing the hooded, the commander of the Central Prefecture said that the police are waiting for them to come forward to make the respective complaint.

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