translated from Spanish: Barticciotto returned to the Monumental to talk about the redevelopment of the stadium

Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto, former striker of Colo Colo and currently in charge of the Infrastructure and Sports Commission of the Albo club, held a talk this Saturday with the members of the institution to publicize what will be the remodeling of the Monumental Stadium. The champion of America with the ‘Cacique’ in 1991 returned to the Albo redoubt, after 10 years of absence, to be the visible face of the remodeling of the stadium and the centenary project of Colo Colo. In the Central Hall of the Ocean sector, the Colocolino idol spoke to the partners of the future refurbishment of the Monumental stadium and present to the board that will be in charge of obtaining the resources to have a new sports venue by 2025. This refurbishment seeks to have the FIFA banners so that it can host the 2030 World Cup. “I call on all the fans and members of the club, the stadium is going to be remodeled and enlarged, and I think having 20 thousand people per game is not grace. The idea is to fill the stadium,” he said. Barticciotto expressed a couple of days ago the wish that the Monumental will be called the Stadium ‘David Arellano’, since “Monumental there are many, but Arellano only one”. On this day, the former attacker reiterated that his work will not be paid and that he will work for the Social and Sports Club, although he admitted that the presence of Harold Mayne-Nicholls in the vice presidency of Black and White and the support of the president, Aníbal Mosa was key to accepting the charge. In addition to Barticciotto, the commission is composed of Mayne-Nicholls, Diego González, Alfredo Stshwing, Ignacio Franjola and Edmundo Valladares.

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