translated from Spanish: Former IDP official arrested for alleged child sexual exploitation

The IDP’s Sex Crimes Brigade (Brisex) arrested a former official of the institution, along with his partner, for allegedly leading a child sexual exploitation network. The detention was completed after a two-month investigation, and the subject is charged with facilitating and promoting minors in child prostitution. The former official was identified as Carlos de Celis, who had as an accomplice his lover, a sex worker who later led the business that was carried out in Recoleta. Commissioner Arturo Pacheco, head (s) of Brisex Metropolitan, explained that both «were engaged in crime in mention using two departments in the northern sector of the city of Santiago through which they offered the sexual services of children and people through social media platforms such as the Internet, Whatsapp, Messenger.» While one was engaged in the recruitment and recruitment of minors, the other party was dedicated to collecting the money and carrying out the distribution of these moneys, the policeman added. It is worth mentioning that Carlos Celis Mermoud was expelled in January of this year from the IDP, and was one of the officials who made several complaints against superiors, among them the director general of the institution, Héctor Espinosa.

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