translated from Spanish: Government launches schools to train women in politics

As part of the Women’s Agenda promoted by the Government of Sebastián Piñera, the Minister of Women and Gender Equity, Isabel Plá, together with the National Director of SernamEG, Carolina Plaza, gave the official go to the lan first schools to form political leaders.
According to a statement, the aim of the project is to empower women and provide them with the necessary training tools so that they can enter the political world on an equal footing.
“We need more women in politics, politics is one of the highest barriers to women’s participation,” Minister Plá said.
The target audience for schools is women who are linked to the political world and who express interest in a councillor position in the next 2020 municipal elections. There are 1,000 seats available from Arica to Punta Arenas.
Trainings range from managing the art of oratory, effective communication, negotiation, verbal and nonverbal communication, elaboration of messages and proposals with gender perspective, interview techniques, strategic use of social networks, among others Content.
Plá further announced that the Government will support the parliamentary motion that drives quotas for city council nominations and for nominations for regional councils. “We’re going to put urgency on this bill, so that it’s enabled for next year, so that when parties make these decisions they take into account that they’re going to have an obligation to have at least 40% women on their candidatu lists regional and municipal councillors,” he said. 
Who can apply? Women over the age of 18 who participate in a women’s organization and want to “represent the community or their organization in the upcoming municipal elections,” as the director of SernamEG pointed out. 
It can be applied through the following link or in person at the Regional Directorates of the National Service of Women and Gender Equity, present from Arica to Punta Arenas. 

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