translated from Spanish: Shameful the Federation’s treatment of the Sinaloa fisheries sector

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- The proposal for the federal government’s budget for the fishing sector, the abandonment of so much contributing to the country, said Sinaloa’s secretary of aquaculture and fisheries, Sergio Torres.Pointed out, at a press conference, that all programmes that benefit the federally supported fisheries sector are halted, resources have not been established, and only one of the most important programmes, such as marine engines and pangas, the proposal Conapesca’s agreement provides for a budget of 7.5 million pesos, when the initial approach was 40 million pesos.

He explained that this budget goes well for 100 marine engines, when our state, for its national leadership in fisheries and aquaculture, received between 400 and 500 engines per delivery, in addition to 800 to 900 pangas. Sergio Torres pointed out that the rejection of this proposal was taken in coordination and unity with the sinaloa fishing federations and cooperatives, as well as requesting a meeting with Conapesca to discuss a reconsideration of the engine and boat program, the same that is to take place this Friday afternoon at the headquarters of the federal unit in Mazatlan.The state official considered as fair and necessary the national manifestation that fishermen make before the Sader in Mexico City, as in several states of the republic, as it is unfair that the federal government, far from the promise to increase the fishing budget by 100 per cent, reduced it by 50 per cent, and that, while it is fair to support fishermen in the southeast of the country, so is supporting Sinaloa and all of the entities. Another example cited by Sergio Torres is in the inspection and surveillance program, which means taking care of the coasts to prevent illegal fishing in time of ban, and thereby ensuring the reproduction and growth of larvae for remunerative fishing. In this line the Conapesca has a national budget of about 8 million pesos, while Sinaloa, thanks to Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, is allocated 15 million for this purpose. 

Finally, the state official made it clear that they will dialogue and raise their voice to whoever is necessary to speed up and increase the fishing budget in Sinaloa and the whole country, and in particular will be actively participating to speed up and increase the fisheries budget in Sinaloa and the whole country, and in particular will be actively participating to make the budget of the next year don’t come up with the same mistakes.

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