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Bravo returns to play after almost a year absent from the Achilles tendon injury. She transforms into a figure in the finale of the Comunnity Shield. It responds to the expectation in the penalty shootout and Guardiola-his technician-dedicates two sentences to him; «He made us win the Cup» and «Claudio is a great second archer». Conclusion, Brazilian Ederson will be the starter in the Premier League and the originator of Viluco, he must expect to have action in FA Cup or the League Cup. because the Champions League, by logic and coherence of the Catalan coach, should be for the Brazilian.
His return to the courts goes hand in hand with the long-awaited call to the Chilean national team, given that Rueda, after Copa America, was emphatic: «When he is playing and has continuity he will be considered». Bravo played the entire City preparatory tour and that’s already a good argument, one conclusive for the Colombian to quote him again. In the opening match of the current champions of England, Ederson attacked. Bravo went to the bench.
One kilometre away, in Manchester, the Red Devils also started goalscoring – without Alexis Sanchez – in those quoted by Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. While the Nordic strategist has delivered well-reared words for the Chilean and is waiting for him to be in his best physical and footballing form after the injury suffered in Copa America, it all points to the being that, for now, the men chosen by Unit’s former striker ed are: Martial, Lingard and Rashford.

In addition, and although it seemed like minimal detail to many, they left Old Trafford two of Sanchez’s closest players: Lukaku and Ander Herrera.
The numbers of the tocopillano since arriving at the most important club in England are worrying and low. He came in as a glittering star, the Premier League’s best pay check and for now he’s in debt. Would that have been the best choice? At Arsenal, by style of play, Sanchez felt at his leisure, was decisive and felt important, but now he became a more supporting actor, lost much of his essence of the game and for now, the fans are totally disappointed in the historical goalscorer of the Chilean national team.
Thinking that Sanchez is a key and decisive piece in the Red, it really worries his immediate present. While the qualifier will be in early 2020, no one can say that they can shake hands with Soslkjaer. Not only that, there are rumors pointing to a possible exit to other teams, the market now closes at the end of August and in the face of a possible new change, we would have to see what options you can handle and where to settle, again, as an unbalanced player.
And now let’s look at Arturo Vidal’s situation. Another that sounded quite as a possible transfer player, especially linked to options in Italy and Germany, although for now he stays in Barcelona. Clearly, Vidal will have to row it a lot to be among Valverde’s eleven. The arrival in the county city of Frenkie De Jong, one of the jewels of the Ajax quarry, makes foresee that the middle area has two insured quotas: Busquets and De Jong.
Catalan media, which continue to Barcelona day by day, permanently point out that Vidal is a market option. It is well known and to spare, that before these scenarios the player responds with a lot of attitude and heart, something that managed to touch the sensitive fiber of the cule fan, so accustomed to the colorful and elegant football of the Blaugrana history.
Valverde has sent messages like «you’ll have to sweat more.» Being today on the stellar oncena is very difficult and although Barcelona disputes three tournaments and options to add minutes there will be, everything points out that the Chilean will have to run and get even more to be considered by the questioned Catalan strategist.
No one can argue that Bravo, Sanchez and Vidal are among the best clubs in the world, where everyone wants to come and make history. Coincidentally, three of the most important players in the team are living an unsweetened moment in their teams and while their seasons are only beginning, doubts and questions are generated to their performance, as well as the fact whether they should stay or change destination.
The goals of each of them is to achieve again stellarness, prominence and continuity, something so simple, but key in the career of every player and even more so, in that of these three, who have long flirted with success and laurales. Capacity have and are intact. The time has come for them and The Red to once again place themselves again in the competition elite.

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