translated from Spanish: Employees of the Aztec Stadium reducing beer with water (Video)

CDMX.- Circulates on social networks a video in which it is seen how the employees of the Azteca Stadium reduce beer with water.
The video shows how the workers of the property hide the glasses in the large tubs where the beers are cooled, where they would allegedly be putting water before serving the alcoholic beverage.

The legendary Azteca Stadium ? succumbs to the system and we can see that the beer sold is downgraded with tap water ?? #ClubAmerica #EstadioAzteca-Beer-Mexico-LigaMX #FMF-Corona @ClubAmerica @Corona_Futbol @GobCDMX @miseleccionmx @miseleccionmx @LigaBBVAMX
— The Hand of D10S ?? (@lamanodediosmx) August 18, 2019

On the other hand, the Azteca Stadium took «measures» immediately, rejecting such irregularities through its Twitter account, where they also announced the retirement of these workers.

The #EstadioAzteca does not accept practices that affect the hobby. Circulate a video showing sellers altering product. Those permanently involved were removed from the facility. We’re exercising legal action. We will not allow these behaviors.
— Estadio Azteca (@EstadioAzteca) August 18, 2019

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