translated from Spanish: President or owner of the country?

Recent events in Argentina have once again revealed a feature of how today some exercise as president of a country or nation. How much private predominates, some in the public suffer the contagion appropriation, and exercise as high office as if it were family heritage. Undisguised, the realms get confused and politics becomes even more showless.
This has been pathetically visible with Macri’s actions and sayings following the F&F tsunami on Sunday, August 10. You don’t choose a president to know which dish you like or how it dawned. Much less if he slept peacefully or the vicissitudes of governing were the cause of his insomnia. All these details are fittings in your task of exercising the mandate of power.
One suspects at this stage, that when the private and familiar is the subject of a ruler, almost always matters of common and collective interest are neglected. Or said in good Chilean: it’s to get the partridge drunk.
Moreover, it is in crisis that tempers and wisdom are tested. And the Macri thing has been a multi-echo defeat. The initial with those strong figures and how they altered the map of power and expectations. In all, the ability of the Macri government to unite an extended and fragmented opposition must be recognized.
And to defeat, we must add the sloppy level of the government’s response with its president at the head. They had no limits on the crude to delaying the numbers and soon activating the blackmail of all speculators who would like to be in that mask dance called “market” and which are actually the factual powers with name and folders of interest.
And the show didn’t stop there, the advisers were all kept repeating and the crisis committee if there should be it. Macri in front of the cameras for self-criticism, it seemed that he had already managed to fall asleep, and everything to say: “the mission is great for you, I thought you could.”
Everything, simple rampandy and manipulation. Nothing at the level of a effective leader thinking as such. That in defeat retreats yours to protect some areas in the next election in October.
Nothing like that. Macri is incapable and overwhelmed because at the right moment he has not had the stature of who loses an election, but knows how to protect dignity and decorum. Macri lost both.
Then you guess that the remaining time will be unpredictable. And the responsibility will be in F&F that you must co-govern even from outside the Casa Rosada.
The other edge is how the August 10 Tsunami will influence America and even the world. Because also that Sunday lost the IMF and its recipe for how to squeeze a country. And he splashed in the way to Bolsonaro’s tongue.
In this unimaginable victory in Argentina there is global anger and feeling with the impoverishing model of people and the planet It is to be assumed that criticism and reservations about the F&F duo, its voters ignored them because nothing could be worse.
And finally let’s take up that of the presidential likes that instead of crystal ball sight week by the latest study of the survey company benefited in direct purchase.
Macri looks like traveling with the family to China. Or to regularize the taxes of the cottage on the beach, after it is public that evasions are millionaires. It looks like one day red and jackets are the order of the day. And so much cetera.
In short, I believe we are fed up that this position that has sometimes been dignified and is called a presidency allows so much voluntary, private and abusive decision.
Before the next Chilean elections and when the pre-option parade or the “I want” already begins, you have to put up a sign that warns:
“People are sought to serve and not serve. Efficient, sensitive and connected to the people. Honest and that before and after exercising power they remain so. Smart to exercise it without looking at your belly button. Let them tell the truth and also acknowledge mistakes. Let them team up and assume that many nights will not sleep peacefully and that this will be no excuse for them to remain in piola mode the next day.”
I believe we are fed up here, in Argentina and in the world with the likes of power, fertile grass for rrss and far-walkers, but far from the needs and interests of the commons of this planet.

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