translated from Spanish: Rosy Apodaca’s wedding participates

On the 31st of the current will ring the bells calling wedding… In the presence of God the beautiful Rosa María Apodaca Guerrero and Gabriel Alfonso Peña Romero will be granted the sacrament of marriage in solemn ceremony that will be held in the parish of Fátima… The dreams, hopes and all illusions of this inlove couple will come to the ground of happy realizations that day which they chose to begin their journey on the marital path. Rosa María is the daughter of Don José Apodaca and Briseida Guerrero de Apodaca, while the lucky boyfriend belongs to the family of Lords Abraham Peña Gaxiola and Josefina Romero de Peña, the latter a couple originally from Culiacan who will share responsibility for hosts of the bridal party who will offer in honor of their children Rosy and Gabriel… We have in hand the endless list of boyfriends of the year 2019 that will make their dream of love come true in the months to come… Just last weekend, their marriage commitment was made official by the beautiful Leticia Gómez Cerecer and the mazatleco Luis Alfonso Peraza who will marry religious marriage on December 27th… Just one week before the aforementioned date, Rosa Nidia Pineda Leyva and Juan Ernesto Sánchez Olguín will marry and María Teresa Rochín and Andrés Ignacio Palomares on the same day. Congratulations!  Celebration…
Very early last Friday 2, the young Lady Martha Loyal of Muñoz received congratulations for her birthday… The engineer David Muñoz Borboa and their children Rodrigo, Rey David and Fernando Muñoz Leal were in charge of waking her with the notes of Las Mañanitas and congratulations full of love… In the course of the morning the friends of Mrs. muñoz had a very pleasant meeting in the restaurant of the Hotel Santa Anita where after enjoying a rich breakfast, they gave her various gifts and the hours spent flying one after another in the middle of a friendly atmosphere … Yesterday it was 4 years after the death of Ms. Consuelo León de Sepúlveda, which is why her sons Michelangelo, Mary, Maria Dolores and Felipe joined their prayers to remember her with deep love and ask God for the eternal rest of her soul. Two dear ladies of our social media received congratulations yesterday for their anniversary of life: Tetey Grijalva de Eng and Maribel Grijalva Sánchez. Congratulations!… Reflection: I’ve learned that the fact that two people argue doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. And just because they don’t argue doesn’t mean they do love each other… I have also learned that no matter how much your heart is broken, the world does not stop for your grief… For today, that’s it. Don’t forget that tomorrow we’ll meet again here in another SUMMARY.

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