translated from Spanish: The Coin maintains a strategy of desataning Camlia Vallejo’s project: “It’s bad, it’s populist and it’s irresponsible”

With the days, the battle for labour reforms seems to have a marked favorite: the project of Communist Party meathes Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola, who propose to reduce from 45 to 40 hours weekly days.
In fact, many members of Chile Vamos have expressed their support for the initiative of the opposition, so in the Government, the authors of the other proposal, which seeks to reduce working hours to 41 hours per week through working flexibility , during these weeks they have begun to gradually increase the artillery by attacking the enemy initiative. A few days ago, Finance Minister Felipe Larraín said Vallejo and Cariola’s project would cost up to 300,000 jobs to the Chilean economy. Now, these criticisms increased the tone more, hand in hand with the government spokeswoman, Cecilia Pérez.
“There are two convictions. One, the Communist Party project is bad and populist. And it’s populist because it’s irresponsible, it violates the constitution,” Segegob’s headline said.
“It’s bad because it not only destroys jobs, but also causes the pay cut for workers in this country,” he added.
After criticizing the opposition project, he also had time to tell the benefits of the one they promote: “We will continue to advocate for projects that are responsible, attached to the law and the Constitution, that reduce working hours because we believe that the family is the most important thing that we have to take care of and for that we have to balance and reconcile work with family, recreation with culture and sport.”
“It also protects jobs through flexibility and protects medium and small businesses with graduality,” he said.
Vallejo’s popularity
Minister Pérez was also questioned at a breaking point about the popularity of Camila Vallejo, who raised 11 points in the latest Cadem poll.
In this regard, the portfolio holder was emphatically saying that “increasing popularity, violating the Constitution, the very constitution they swore and respected to comply with when they were sworn in as deputies, as mPs, is not a good path. Who thinks it is is deeply wrong.”

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