translated from Spanish: Pillaging dessopiling imitation of Leticia Brédice Cristina Kirchner in the «Dancing»

Leticia Brédice was characterized as Cristina Kirchner and once again entered the track of «Super Bailando» with her partenaire, Fernando Bertona.» Good night, it’s nice to see you. No? How they missed the national networks that everyone could listen to every night. And read and realize what it’s like to have a woman to defend us. Don’t tell us, ‘Go to sleep and think.’ Lol I always let them think,» he said, playing the former president of the Argentinians. He also assured Marcelo Tinelli that he could count on her to measure himself in some formula: «I don’t laugh, huh? I mean it. Let’s see how we are, do you miss me? I brought a marriage for male-male, female-female. I. I brought all the Latin Americans here, documented. I. They stopped me all over the South and I bought the glaciers.»

And she asked her to help her sing «Shallow,» the song Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform in A Star is Born. They both did the mimicry, which ended with a fall to the actress’ floor, which luckily did not grow to older. Then, Brédice and Bertona danced «Who has had all the wine?» and took a total of 17 points from the jury and the BAR, who appreciated the effort that he put to his previous.

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