translated from Spanish: Without challenge, no candidates to hold ePRE positions advance

In the Ricardo Rojas room of the Legislative Annex, the corresponding Public Hearings were developed to analyze professional statements proposed by the Executive Branch to hold various positions in the EPRE (Provincial Regulatory Authority). The requests for agreement were for the director of the Provincial Electrical Regulator Ya for Andrea Molina and for director of the same body, to Hugo Reos.Both applicants had no challenges, in the case of Molina had 472 accessions while Reos 67. Andrea Molina, current Under-Secretary of Finance, before holding this position, served as Chief of Staff of the same Ministry. Molina is a National Public Accountant and party expert received at the National University of Cuyo (Economic Sciences).” I want to thank everyone who has accompanied me in this process.  I hope to live up to the demands of users and I also hope to have a fair deal with companies,” she said. On the other hand, Hugo Reos- who since chaired the EPRE from the beginning – was also manager of Regulatory Affairs in the agency, and also served in the Ministry of Energy of the Nation, among other positions. He is an engineer in Electronics and Electricity received at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mendoza (1975) and with later degrees at the Univesity of Texas At Arlington (1997).” I hope to live up to the circumstances and requirements of those who are part of the EPRE and if the senators here present as the rest of the legislators who make up the House lend their agreement I am more than grateful and willing to give everything that is to me to to improve the functioning of the Province’s electrical system,” the engineer said. The documents for the corresponding designations must be dealt with and approved at the venue by the House of Senators next Tuesday and by secret ballot. In this note:
public hearing
hugo reos
andrea molina

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