translated from Spanish: Calls for Mexico’s president to comply with payment to former braceros

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that local deputies approved the proposed agreement urging the holder of the Federal Executive to follow up and comply with the payment of the migrant workers’ program, presented by the members of the Committee on Migration, made up of Deputies Sergio Báez Torres, Erik Juárez Blanquet and Javier Estrada Cárdenas.
The purpose of this exhortation is for the President of Mexico to enforce the terms set out in the Decree containing the Law that creates the Trust that will manage the Social Support Fund for Mexican Former Migrant Workers who have lent their services in the United States of America from 1942 to 1964.
The project presented reports that “the debt of the Federal Government to the workers of the Bracero Program amounted to more than 5 billion pesos, initially speaking of that more than 100 thousand pesos correspond to each of them; however, it ended up setting the amount of 38 thousand pesos, this was only 3 percent of the actual debit. In 2009, there was modification to the rules of operation of the trust, workers will only receive annual subscriptions of 4 thousand pesos each year as payment of their social support, and not 38 thousand pesos in a single exhibition as originally established. It was a federal decision that harmed the condition of hundreds of thousands of former braceros.”
The legislators of the State Congressional Congressional Migration Commission, stressed that former braceros have been struggling to get the Federal Government to give them the debit it has with them, derived from the Social Support Fund for Former Migrant Workers, which was channeled by contracting companies to the Bank of Mexico in the government of President Vicente Fox Quesada.
In this way, the Congress of the State respectfully exhorts the President of the Mexican Republic to issue a new Call and consequently the opening of receiving tables, for the registration of those who have not been able to do so in advance; and with this, achieve the monitoring and compliance with the payment of the Migrant Workers Program, in the terms established in the Decree that contains the Law that creates the Trust that will manage the Social Support Fund for Ex Mexican Migrant Workers who served in the United States of America from 1942 to 1964.
Therefore, an appeal is made that in the Budget of Egress for the 2020 fiscal year, it allocates sufficient resources through the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, in its character as the Single Trustee of the Federal Public Administration Centralized, in order to cover the payment for ex Mexican Migrant Workers.
The Union Congress is also called upon to make the requirements for the accreditation of the rights of former braceros or their beneficiaries more flexible through a reform of the Law on the matter; and thereby ensure your enrollment in the Program.

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