translated from Spanish: Doctor cuts patient nails who let grow them for years VIDEO

Florida, USA.- A video described by the podiatrist who posted it as «an unfortunate circumstance» has gone viral as he works for more than 10 minutes to try to cut his patient’s extremely horrible toenails grown several centimetres long. Dr. Binh Nguyen, of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa, Florida, does not identify his patient or show his face, but notes that his toenails had not been cut recently and asked if he had been changing his diet drastically.  

«I can’t bend over,» she replies, possibly giving a clue as to why her fingernails had gotten so out of control. His feet are also covered with layers of dry, flaky skin, which Nguyen carefully cuts. Nguyen, whose initial video amassed more than 2 million views 5 months ago, said he was at a facility he was visiting and didn’t have all the right tools he needed to fully meet his needs.
«I did it out of courtesy for this patient, I just had some nail clippers, so I took care of her feet,» she told her viewers.
But please forgive me before you get your disgusts on the Internet. I was alone, I didn’t have all the tools I normally would have. Just enjoy the video, take it as it is.

Nguyen repeatedly asks her patient if she feels pain while he cuts her nails thick and yellowish, and she answers «a little,» but accepts that her feet look much better than when she first entered. He said he was working to make his nails a manageable length so she can wear socks and wear shoes comfortably.
«Don’t worry guys, she’s in good hands,» says Dr. Binh Nguyen When she reached the right big toe, who had grown several inches thick and long, she recognizes that she will have to work «piece by piece.» Does that hurt?» he asked. «No, just a little, » he said. Nguyen assured his viewers that the woman was scheduled to see him at a follow-up appointment within a week and that he would have better tools and lighting to meet his needs. «Don’t worry guys, she’s in good hands,» she said.

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