translated from Spanish: Hair: If the U.S. wants to talk, it should talk to Maduro

In a new broadcast of his program “With the Deck Giving”, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, said on Wednesday that if the United States wants to talk or negotiate with Venezuela must do so directly with the ruler, Nicolás Maduro. The statements are known after Maduro himself said he had authorized talks with Washington.
“If you want to talk and negotiate with someone, you have to talk and negotiate with Nicolás Maduro, who is the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” said Cabello, considered the number 2 of Chavismo. He also stated that this dialogue implies, in practice, that the United States recognizes Maduro as head of state, even though Donald Trump was the first to hand over his support for Juan Guaidó when he proclaimed himself president in charge of Venezuela and was unaware of the elections in which Maduro secured a new term, as “illegitimate.”
“Something is happening to the regime that is being recognized in the U.S., because the regime they speak is run by Nicolás Maduro Moros, who is the president,” said Cabello, who also dismissed press reports that he himself would have done direct contacts with the U.S. government behind President Maduro’s back.
Warning to Guaidó
Cabello added that “whatever happens and under any circumstances” will be found “on the same line” of Defense Minister Vladimir Godfather, of the Minister of Internal Relations, Nestor Reverol, and economic vice president Tareck el Aissami. The Chavista leader also referred to Guaidó and accused him of planning a “new” coup against The Maduro government, and issued him with a warning.
“He met ‘alimaña juanito’ with a group (and said) that something needs to be done to get out of these people and talked about a new coup. We’re waiting for you ‘alimaña juan’, whenever you want we want (…) after you’re not squealing, then you’re not crying,” she said. He said the alleged meeting was held on Wednesday, after the opposition leader held a public meeting with regional leaders.

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