translated from Spanish: Sebastián Piñera for fire in the Amazon: “I have offered the help of Chile to fight the serious fires”

President Sebastián Piñera said on Thursday that he communicated with his Brazilian peer, Jair Bolsonaro, to offer the Chilean government’s assistance in combating forest fires in the Amazon area. After meeting with the Presidents of the Senate, Jaime Quintana (PPD), and the Chamber of Deputies, Iván Flores (DC), the representative confirmed what was announced this morning by the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker. Piñera stated that “I have spoken with President Jair Bolsonaro and i have offered Chile’s help to combat the serious fires affecting the Amazon.” In addition, the head of state added that he hopes to speak soon cojn the representative of Bolivia, Evo Morales, to make the same offer, due to the emergency that the highland nation also lives. On the other hand, he appreciated the meeting with Senator Quintana and M. Flores, stating that “we will have these meetings as often as necessary” and that “these talks do our country good.” Finally, he again appreciated the approval in the lower house of the tax modernization project, which the representative says will “boost economic growth, create jobs, raise wages and benefit SMEs.”

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