translated from Spanish: Father José Luis Segura Barragán

Father José Luis Segura Barragán

The secretary of governorship, Ms. Olga, is very clear in saying that dialogue and agreement with armed groups in general; then their ministry corrected it in a press release, clarifying that they would only talk with the so-called self-defense.
The governors of Tamaulipas, Guerrero and Michoacán claimed that it was not so simple, that in their states there were no self-defenses, that some armed groups posed as such and that elsewhere they were only criminals, as in Tamaulipas and Michoacán.
Those who want the federal government to dialogue and agree with criminal groups to achieve the pacification of the country, do not know what they are saying, because their opinions are abstract, that is, without any relation to reality; and those of us who have suffered in their own flesh the aggressions of criminals, we know well that they are murderers, kidnappers, that people disappear, who extort, “lift,” steal, terrorize, charge fees, and corrupt the authorities, or they put them out, or put them out, This occurs mainly in rural areas and small towns; but they also cooperate to win the candidate for governor that suits them best in the states.
And they say, they also take over campaigns for presidents of the republic, but I think such “says” are unruly and ill-intentioned people.

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