translated from Spanish: Government Announces Artificial Intelligence Work Plan

After a meeting with the Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Andrés Couve; and the Undersecretary of Science, Carolina Torrealba, President Piñera announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence work plan. The aim is to successfully insert Chile into the fourth technological revolution with innovations applicable in diverse fields such as health, education and production. «Artificial intelligence is good news because it means we’re going to have more tools, more tools to face tremendous challenges,» he noted, adding that «it’s a life-changing issue for each and every one of our compatriots.» This work plan will result in the presentation of a National Artificial Intelligence Policy and an Action Plan in April 2020 in which the Future Unit of the Ministry of Science will work, together with representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, and CONICYT. For his part, the Minister of Science, Andrés Couve, noted that «we live a time of great opportunities and new challenges that we must face with determination and prominence. Artificial intelligence has the potential to impact the daily lives of each of us in times that seem increasingly narrow, and is therefore today one of the most pressing challenges for countries seeking to transform technological advances into comprehensive human well-being and development.» In addition, Minister Couve stressed that «to date more than 27 countries have announced or published national Artificial Intelligence strategies, mainly in order to take advantage of the opportunities it offers to people.» As the Chair explained, this work plan will be framed in three main axes: enabling factors, such as specialized human capital, fibre optic networks and computational infrastructure; use and development of Artificial Intelligence in Chile and an axis that will address the ethics, standards, security and regulation of this technology. Regarding the working deadlines, a diagnosis on Artificial Intelligence will be developed in Chile and a basic document for the discussion of an Artificial Intelligence Policy to be delivered in December of this year, and a process of participation of civil society that will include academia, the private world and the public sector during January 2020. As a result of the previous stages, the National Artificial Intelligence Policy for Chile will be delivered during April 2020, along with an Action Plan detailing the measures and their implementation deadlines.

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