translated from Spanish: Redemption of school uniforms and supplies goes to 71.85% in Sinaloa

Mazatlán.- The redemption of school uniforms and supplies registers 71.85 percent in the state of Sinaloa.The Secretary of Economy in Sinaloa, Javier Lizárraga Mercado, took a tour of redemption centers in Mazatlan.

In two weeks of the program, they have distributed 711 thousand 135 uniforms and 358 thousand 388 useful packages. Stimuli
The official said they have so far had no problem distributing supports to parents.


In the company of the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Services, Jesús Sandoval; the coordinator of the papermen, Roberto Lem, and Luis Granados, manager of Casa Granados, gave support to the students with the highest averages that were at the time in the aforementioned clothing store. They donated 16 props, 11 tablets and five vouchers for 150 pesos. This is a stimulus to the parents who chose this company to make their redemption, Mr. Granados emphasized.In this program, the establishment has exchanged 50 thousand uniforms and is still able to change 15 thousand more.
The secretary of the economy stressed that this program, which emerged to support the economy of the family, is spreading. There will be free tennis for preschool students. Program
The program coordinator, Jorge Omar Cuevas Inzunza, stressed that the distribution began on August 12 and ends on December 15. It added that there were sufficient uniforms and tools to meet the demand for all children enrolled in basic education. So far, the standard is 506,000 preschool, elementary and high school students, but it could be that those who were not able to enroll or who change town, will be given support when they apply for help.  Together with her three children, María Cienfuegos came to make the redemption of the uniforms. He explained that he doesn’t like to go the first few days to avoid the long lines. Yesterday there was not so much demand and the children were able to measure the uniforms without any haste. While the garments were being measured, Javier, Lucía and Santiago, two preschool ers and one elementary school, say excitedly that they already want to go to school to debut their clothes and shoes. More sales
The leader of the merchants and coordinator of paper men reiterates that this program revives the economy, favors the trade sector and parents. Sandoval explained that families go for the garments and take advantage to do more shopping. What remains of August and September are good for the shops that citizens make for the return to classes next Monday, August 26, for the students of basic education. THE DATA
Parents who come to collect school uniforms and supplies agree that it is a great support given to them by State Government. In addition, it was established for all years before they started classes. Providers and authorities consider that for each child, parents are saved about 1,200 pesos between school uniforms and supplies. This allows them to use this money to purchase shoes or backpacks.

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