translated from Spanish: Man cuts a dog’s tail when he was looking for some food in Puebla (Video)

Puebla, Mexico.- In an act of animal cruelty, a man thought it would be a good idea to cut the tail off a puppy who was only looking for food in a village dump. yes, as you hear, the man was recorded when he cut off the tail of a puppy who was looking for something to eat inside a trash can, a fact that has piqued the outrage of several people on the internet.
The video was captured in the municipality of Huehuetlán El Chico, in Puebla. The images show a white puppy looking for something to eat inside a dumpster. Seconds later, a guy appears with a gardener’s scissors who simply cuts the poor four-legged friend’s tail, without saying anything.

If there’s one thing on this planet that makes me angry, it’s the ignorance of people having fun at the expense of an animal’s suffering.
This happened in #Huehuetlán El Chico, #Puebla.
I hope and people put you in great HDP and make you pay for what you did.
— CENTELLA (@Marisol_Tea) August 25, 2019

Several social media users claim that the man in question works in the cleaning service of Huehuetlán El Chico, so they have asked the Mayor of the town, Norberto Roldán, and the corresponding authorities to locate this subject to receive the punishment he deserves, which under the Puebla Penal Code, could be a sentence of six months to two years in prison and a fine of fifty to one hundred days’ salary.
The Ministry of the Environment of Puebla also called this «unacceptable» and through its Twitter account.
Source: Sopitas

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