translated from Spanish: Sales of tickets abroad after devaluation

The post-PASO exchange rate run left a finance minister on the road and, in addition to a replacement, brought consequences that in the sector that markets trips abroad they already feel. According to a survey made by Infobae, the companies recorded a drop in the sale of tickets of between 20% and almost 40%. For example, from Al Mundo they pointed out to the aforementioned portal that the value in foreign weights of passages increased by 26% so they chose to strengthen the quota financing plans.

Moreover, they argue that the destinations are not affected in the same way: while Rio de Janeiro “remained more or less stable”, Madrid or Miami suffered a considerable fall. Meanwhile, in Despegar they recorded a collapse of the order of 37% in demand for tickets in destinations abroad, although they saw a hike in other services, such as packages and hotels. Aerolíneas Argentinas agrees with this picture (it says it suffers an “abrupt drop” in the sale of international tickets) and ensures that it is a scenario that is expected after each devaluation.

Avantrip Bibam Group, for its part, noted that during the 48 hours following the run they saw that several customers rushed to complete transactions aimed at completing trips abroad seeking to ensure a cheaper fare. Despite this drop, as Viajala searches remain – did not increase or decrease from Monday 12 August compared to the previous weeks of August. In this note:

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