translated from Spanish: First electromobility caravan was held in Santiago

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Motorbikes, trucks, bicycles, buses and scooters, among other electro-powered vehicles, starred on Sunday the first march zero emission and zero noise of the country, between Plaza Baquedano and La Moneda.

The objective of the activity was to tangibilize the benefits and impact that the adoption of this technology has for sustainable development in Chile, as well as to convene the International Electromobility Fair (Fidelmov) to be carried out August 29, 30 and 31 at Mapocho Station. Fernando Nilo, organizer of the event and the fair, highlighted the uses of technology and called to participate and join this electromobilization. «From a little time we have lost the scare of electromobility and we have incorporated it in our day to day for its comfort, accessibility and minimum environmental impact. Through this mobilization we want to show that it is possible to have quieter, cleaner and ultimately people-friendly cities,» said fellow president of Fundación Recyclápolis. The E-Ride caravan, an instance sponsored by Engie, SQM and Copec, was led by the Seremi de Transportes of the Metropolitan Region, Eddy Roldán, and the executive director of the Energy Sustainability Agency, Ignacio Santalices, who were accompanied by executives and representatives of Fidelmov’s 2019 participating companies. The meeting was open and free for the entire electrocomunidad. In fact, according to the organizers of the event, more than 200 people attended on board scooters, bicycles and electric motorbikes, generating a large column of this type of vehicles in the Alameda.

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