translated from Spanish: Pampita belied Vicuña’s message: «What can be said or speculated is an absolute lie»

After Argentine television stirred controversy, for an alleged message from Benjamin Vicuña to his ex, model Carolina Ardohain (Pampita), it was the model himself who came out to disprove the information.
This was following the statements of Vicuña’s current partner, actress Eugenia «China» Suarez, who denied any problems in her relationship with the actor.
«Pampita» told a trans-Andean TV show that «the message is not true. It’s absolutely untrue. There are parent chats talking about children’s things. What can be said or speculated is an absolute lie… We talk about kids all the time. We always had a good parent of the boys, from the beginning.»
«We always handle ourselves with a lot of respect and very conscious for how important kids are and because communication is necessary. But specifically that message they say exists is not real,» he added.
The model also pointed out against those who disseminated the information, and said that «when topics like that come up, they can hurt someone, I think about how the media is today, how no one checks, how anyone can say what they come up with and how you often end up being a victim.»
Regarding possible problems in the relationship between Vicuña and his current partner, «Pampita» noted that «He would never talk about the father of my children or his personal things. I’ve never done it in the last four years. I’m never going to do it. I’m not the person who’s going to give you that information.«. 

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