translated from Spanish: INE rejects Term extension in Baja California

The General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) rejected the extension of the mandate of the governor-elect of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla Valdez, because it ruled that the reform to the local constitution approved by Congress “violates the principle of certainty”.
Lorenzo Córdova, president of the INE, explained that reforms on the subject can only be done 90 days before the electoral process, and not afterwards, as happened in the case of Baja California, where he said they intend to “modify the rules of the game, after the game it’s over.” 
Lorenzo Córdova said that “it would be disgraceful to be part of a generation of Mexicans who built democracy and also be part of a generation that has begun the path of dismantling.”
Meanwhile, Councillor Pamela San Martín considered that the extension of the mandate is also a betrayal of citizens, since she said that “when you vote in constitutional elections, you vote not only for one person, you also vote for a certain period, appear or not appear on the ballot.” 
On the popular consultation that seeks to define whether the next government of Jaime Bonilla lasts two or five years, Councillor Ciro Murayama considered it to be an invented procedure that violates the norm.
“What is in the Constitution of Baja California is the popular consultation, the plebiscite and the referendum, not the citizen consultation. But also the popular consultation in the Constitution of Baja California expressly says: it cannot be done in electoral matters. And this is all of no more electoral matter,” he said
It also considered that the consultation has no constitutional basis, as it seeks to finance itself with voluntary contributions from the various popular representatives, militants from different political parties, civil society groups and anyone wishing to participate in this procedure.
“I mean, with coperachas, constitutional matters are resolved. What carelessness, how brazen, what a grievance to the rule of law,” he said.
For his part, The Councillor Marco Antonio Baños explained that when Jaime Bonilla registered as a candidate, he already knew that he was in the electoral route for a term of less than two years and the term that lasts an order is one of the basic rules prior to each voter process L.
He also insisted that enlargement is a very serious precedent because there may be temptations to also reduce the period of a government.
“One day the Local Congress of a state doesn’t like the Governor being for six years and they take four, or they want to take three away from him; because if they can expand it they could also reduce it, because of course, because congresses could be put on the stage that they are above voters,” he said.
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