translated from Spanish: Bottled empanadas are nothing: 10 bizarre presentations of dishes

In February 2017, Argentine social media was convulsed by an unexpected event: a brand of gourmet salts shared a photo on Instagram admiring the presentation of two empanadas in a restaurant in Palermo, each inside a jar individual with green leaves. Outrage and memes erupted alike, enshrining these empanadas as a landmark in the nation’s digital history.

From that momentous moment, the creativity of the cooks was put to the test and both the drinks and the bizarre dishes became protagonists in the different platforms and in the media. In a titanic effort to stand out, the restaurant staff goes a little further than imaginable to surprise diners and the press with their original, playful and, in many cases, creepy combinations. We toured the web to find perlites, both local and foreign. Come on in, look, have fun, and if you’re a cook, please don’t be inspired: 

1. Considering that the filling always escapes, it is even practical. 

2. We can laugh but let’s say everything: it’s unforgettable, for better or worse. 

3. This Twitter girl explained that, beyond the exabrupto, the dessert was delicious. The data: it is from the restaurant of a famous Mendocine winery.

4. «Let’s use your old lady’s VHS to serve, capable, and they don’t even realize it.»

5. Don’t you have a jug? Don’t worry, grab anything as long as the girls at @bromatologiaencasa.

6. For all heretics who do not believe in God but do believe in science.

7. Panera to assemble, comes with bread mitten guarantee. 

8. If you don’t come out converted to veganism, you get a prize.

9. Did you order the cheapest entry to the menu? A little message from the administration.

10. Barbie Simons has already put the comment that was here. This drink was served at pico Monaco bowling in Punta del Este (the most expensive lamp of your life?). In this note:

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