translated from Spanish: They leave pig’s head with menacing message in Iztapalapa

CDMX.- A pig’s head with a threatening message was found this morning on a pedestrian bridge in Iztapalapa.The find was made around 6:00 a.m., at the junction of Avenida Ermita Iztapalapa and Anillo Periférico, Colonia Los Angeles Apanoaya.

The blanket is addressed to the Executive Director of Penitenciaria Security, Pablo López Jaramillo and was signed by “Viva México”. Citizen Security Secretary Jesús Orta Martínez confirmed the finding.

Authorities confirmed finding a pig’s head next to a message/photo: Via Twitter

“It is not addressed to me, it is addressed to the inmate coordinator, I have knowledge and right now must be the experts withdrawing, we have knowledge since the find was found, there are people deployed from both the Attorney General’s Office and the Police itself which was the one who had the first attention to the subject and people of the National Guard that is present there in Iztapalapa.” It’s not a particular group, it’s not signed, it just talks about it benefiting certain people, the only thing we have certain about what the message says, that obviously has to be investigated, is that it is addressed to the inmate coordinator,” he said, after his morning meeting with the Security Cabinet.The message is related to a benefit to certain groups inside the prisons. In addition, it was left about 2.3 kilometers away from the Eastern Manly Preventive Recluso.

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