translated from Spanish: “Uterus” will make the third film show made by women

Cinema, visual, musical and performing arts are the different disciplines that are part of the meeting “Utera”, an initiative that celebrates three versions since 2018. On this occasion the call was under the slogan “Body and Territory”, addressing issues of gender, migration and feminism. 
Karla Ramos Campillay, co-founder and artistic director of Útera, comments that “it is important to share this experience that has as its engine the cinema and its filmmakers, and at the same time combine a multi-space where from different creators make up a great braid in the we exchange knowledge that strengthens us as women in art.”
The activity will have a conversation about being an actress and filmmaker in the north, with outstanding women; Paola Lattus Ramos, Ornella Rocoo Cancino, both actresses and Mixie Araya Soler, director and producer calameña, who has recently won different awards with her animation works for girls and boys.
The conversation will be moderated by Leslie Prieto, psychologist and writer, while the montage of space is by regional artists Josefina O’ryan and Karla Ramos Campillay. 
Pamela Canales Navarrete, co-founder and ceo of Uterus, noted that “this version brings provocation, manifestos, anti-patriarchal collective struggles, decolonization, new looks of women with critical thinking and gender perspective that experience through cinematic work and its different languages.”
The day will start at 21:00 hours on Saturday 31 August, after the film show and other arts, the feast will be held, in the same place. The event is not free, as the organization seeks to generate resources to present itself at EQUIZ, Ecuador’s first feminist festival.

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