translated from Spanish: INDH will project image remembering missing detainees at the National Museum of Fine Arts

On the occasion of the commemoration of the Day of the Detained Gone, the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) will remember the 1,197 victims, with an event that will be held today on the frontis of the National Museum of Fine A Rtes.
In the activity, which will take place at 19 hours, they will project an image alluding to the commemoration, on the frontis of the museum, so that citizens become sensitized and share the image on their social networks.
The projection is a “emotional” key graph that will be an exercise in historical memory and that will call to empathize with the relatives of the missing detainees. The message that will be issued will be “What if it were one of yours? Where are they?” phrase that will be illustrated with a work by artist Banksy.
“The action is part of the fulfilment of our legal mandate to promote and protect human rights in Chile and is of great importance, because until now more than a thousand families still do not know the whereabouts of detained a great debt of our society,” said INDH director Sergio Micco.
As an act of remembrance, justice and reparation, which affirms the existence of nearly 1200 detainees disappeared in Chile during the military dictatorship, former President Michelle Bachelet established August 30 as the Day of the Disappeared Detainee in 2006. The date is also a recognition of the families of the victims who have not rested in their eagerness to obtain the truth about the whereabouts of their loved ones.
Of the 1,193 detainees who were detained in dictatorship, 74 are women and 10 of them were pregnant, according to information from the Group of Relatives of Missing Detainees.

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