translated from Spanish: Female prists build the party: Victor Silva Tejeda

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was announced that the president of the PRI CDE in the entity, Víctor Silva Tejeda, recognized the women of the party for continuing to prepare and thereby climbing in the spaces of popular choice.
There were 163 women who on Saturday afternoon received their record as graduates of the second generation of the National School of Paintings of onMPRI “Mary of the Angels Moreno Uriegas”.
In this regard, the state leader stressed the importance of women in politics; he recalled that Maria de los Angeles Moreno, was one of the pioneers in holding a national office.
He highlighted the fact that women are trained to compete face-to-face for a public office and set aside the percentage that the law dictates, “it is time, that equity is beyond a percentage, by its ability to occupy spaces of power”.

“Women have distinguished theself by being the most active in the party, so I recognize their effort to continue to grow in the ranks of the party and thereby advance in building a stronger party with leadership.”

In this scenario, Delia Siller, representative of ONMPRI’s national leader Hilda Flores Escalera, thanked women for being willing to continue building a strong party and train to reach popular election spaces.
Similarly, ONMPRI leader Rocío Pineda Gochi recognized the efforts of Michoacan women to continue to prepare; he also congratulated them on earning eighth place in national qualification.
Rosa María Molina, general secretariat of the CDE, was present at the event; Jesús Luna Morales, CNC; Hugo Sánchez, representative of the CEN delegate to the entity, Enrique Martini Castillo;  Aldo Argueta, president of the IRH in Michoacán; María Guadalupe Morales Ledezma, former federal deputy and former senator, Emma Mondragón.

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