translated from Spanish: Juventus defeated Napoli 4-3 with a golazo by Gonzalo Higuain

Italy dressed up for one of the most exciting matches of the tournament on just two times and didn’t disappoint at all. Juventus’ offensive weight made the difference in 62 minutes with a 3-0 seeming blunt, but the reaction came in a few minutes and the draw seemed a fact until the 91st minute, when Koulibaly had the phyiac of his life for the 4-3 final. However, beyond the seven emotions on the pitch, one of the most rumbling was Gonzalo Higuain’s, who, based on work and a year of uncertainty, earned his place in the consideration of Sarri, the coach who took him to Chelsea and is the partner of attack by Cristiano Ronaldo.
His insistence was prized in tonight’s match when he turned his ex-club into a goal that puts him back in the center of the map. Back to the arch, Koulibaly was pulled off with a hook on a tile and a right bomb was enough to beat Meret.On the other side of the “Argentine” coin appears Paulo Dybala. In a moment of darkness in his career in which he appears to leave but does not finish closing his contract, he became a substitute overnight, and even in a figure of change for the efforts of Juventus. However, today he had his minutes on court. The Cordoba entered the second half and did not have a good participation, although it was key in the 4 to 3. His free kick was the one that lit the fuse in the Napoli area to bring out joy in Turin, with the goal against Kuolibaly. Still, it’s not enough to be the “Joy”.

Original source in Spanish

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