translated from Spanish: Cecilia Perez retracts her sayings on PS and calls for an end to the blockade: “We do not believe they have a link to drug trafficking”

Since mid-August the relationship between PS and La Moneda has only been strained. This after the government spokeswoman, Cecilia Pérez, said that the constitutional accusation that the Socialist Party was intended to push against the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos, was actually to “hide what all Chileans want to know: what relationship has PS to drug trafficking.”
His words sweed in the opposition and the following weeks were filled with dimes and digests. From the PS, the aforegoing pointed out that the minister’s statements were slanderous and decided to initiate a parliamentary blockade, preventing undersecretaries and advisers from entering the congressional committees. Today, with a call to end this blockade, Minister Cecilia Pérez retracted her words officially and, in an interview with El Mercurio, explained that “we do not believe that PS nor its entire militancy have a link to drug trafficking, without prejudice to the fact St. Ramon are very serious, they must be clarified in their entirety.”
“On the PS they can be annoyed, criticized, filed complaints, but they can’t close the doors of Congress,” the secretary of state ruled, adding that “the quality of life of Chileans cannot be harmed because a party didn’t like a statement.”
Asked if she regrets her statements, the minister stated that “what I pointed out has never been related to implicating the PS as an institution, or all its militants, in the eventual link with drug trafficking.”
Finally, Pérez noted that he hopes that next week, when legislative activity in Congress resumes, “prime rationality”.

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