translated from Spanish: Hernán Crespo, one step away from stepping down from being Banfield’s coach

Despite the patience of the fans, the idea of touting attractive and attacking football, coupled with the rise of lower-to-first players, Hernán Crespo’s hours on Banfield’s substitute slab seem to be numbered and Monday could be the last day of the former River in the south. «Drill» leaders and people close to the coach met this afternoon and the representatives expressed the intentions of changing air, in a situation that worries and may be critical to the team, which appears in the lower table and in the fight for not desc in the next season.

Hernán Crespo, on the Banfield tightrope. Photo: NA

Since arriving at Banfield, Crespo led 18 matches in which he rescued a total of four wins, six draws and eight losses, leaving a 33% effectiveness in points. In this Super League, he has five matches with 3 falls, one parity and only one win, against Estudiantes de La Plata.The world is the 2002 World Cup and Germany 2006 was on the radar of the Bolivia national team in recent months, and the chance of a selection international lyresis. On the other hand, the name dance began for a possible replacement and Eduardo Dominguez, Omar De Felippe and Ricardo Zielinski emerged.

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