translated from Spanish: Fernanda Maciel case: Prosecutor asked for key report on “Los Topos”

On October 11, 2018, “Los Topos Chile”, were in charge of inspecting the winery where the body of the young Fernanda Maciel was presumed. body was found eight months later in the same place. Following questions by Luis Pettersen, Los Topos leader Francisco Lermanda defended himself and stated that “we believe Fernanda’s body was changed”.” We dug into the place where they found the body but there was nothing” detailed in a conversation with “Very Good Days”, where he added that the casio prosecutor, Patricia Varas “did not ask us for a report after expertizing the winery”. This morning, according to what la Red’s morning man, Hola Chile, revealed, the prosecutor just on August 23 asked for a request 326 days after expertating the winery. The document issued on that date, Patricia Varas requested that “report the technological methods and equipment that were used in the diligence carried out in the llaima street property of the commune of Conchalí (the winery), as well as how many people entered the place of the event in this work.” The information must be forwarded within 20 days, counted from receipt of this office,” he added.

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