translated from Spanish: How Kevin Hart’s health follows after his brazen accident

Kevin Hart was hospitalized on Sunday morning after suffering a cumbersome car accident; the American actor suffered serious back injuries, according to the first reporters to be unveiled. According to the report released by the California Highway Patrol, early Sunday Kevin Hart was traveling in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, a powerful old automobile. The car was on the Mulholland Expressway in Los Angeles County and two other people were traveling next to it, a couple.

The driver, identified as Jared Black, lost control of the car and fell into a ditch. Both he and his fiancée, internet fitness model Rebecca Broxterman, were trapped inside the vehicle. The actor managed to get out of it and came looking for help to rescue them.» Kevin Hart and Jared Black suffered serious back injuries as a result of this accident and were transferred and treated to nearby hospitals,» road police said in a statement. Rebecca Broxterman, for her part, was unscathed. According to The Blast portal, a new report on the actor’s health notes that he has no spinal cord injuries and «is able to walk and move his limbs.»
People close to him tried to clarify speculation about the seriousness of his situation and pointed out that the actor is injured but is expected to have a «full recovery.»
Kevin Hart’s doctors are still trying to determine if he will need to have surgery on his back. On social media, images of what the actor’s Plymouth Barracuda looked like were shared.

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