translated from Spanish: Cops run over and kill a puppy in Ecatzingo, Edomex (Video)

Ecatzingo, Edomex.- On social media began to circulate a video that captured security cameras, the moment when municipal policemen of Ecatzingo, in the State of Mexico, run over and kill a dog as they circulated aboard a patrol through streets of the Locality.
The events occurred around 16:30 hours on August 7, on the San Miguel and America Causeway, when the uniformed walked the terrace d’acate road aboard their unit and without consideration pass over the puppy.
The puppy was crushed to death by the vehicle as the uniforms fled at the sight of a woman passing by.
After the video showing the timing of the hit-and-run began circulating on social media, neighbors called on authorities to sanction the agents who thought they killed the dog, in addition to asking for legal action to be taken in against him.

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We want to report that on August 7th these policemen without consideration aboard a patrol, ran and killed a dog and did not even stop, as they were driving through Calzada San Miguel and America in the municipality of #Ecatzingo, #Edomex.
— How Little Mother (@QuePocaMadre_Mx) September 2, 2019

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